follows a group of privileged New York twenty-somethings who cling to post-collegiate debauchery and permanent adolescence, satirizing the strain of sex-and-drug fueled “bro culture” that permeates Wall Street, the White House, and beyond.



The series first drew national attention when its viral Girls parody, and after a hugely successful first season, a fan-fueled follow-up began on November 7th, 2016 with a satire on overzealous Trump bros. 

We're not saying we predicted the future, but from vaping White House staffers to cannabis cryptocurrency to "bromance" as a foreign policy, we now have decades worth of material. 

But for now, we have season two, and we'll keep going until we make it to network television -- or a streaming platform hoping to attract the coveted 18-35 demographic.

If this is you, contact us.

If this is not you, you can also contact us, or follow us on Facebook, or subscribe to our YouTube channel. Or donate to our season three Kickstarter. We promise we won't leave you hanging.



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