So You Want To Buy AN Island....


Location scouting on a limited budget can be difficult, which is how we ended up with a party pad on a private island.


It started with a Facebook solicitation. We were looking for a Hamptons house to shoot episode 203, which features two fraudulent entrepreneurs and a lackluster music festival a la Fyre Fest, the disastrous Ponzi scheme that left 4,000 members of the millennial 1% stranded on an island with nothing but tequila and cheese sandwiches.

We were approached by Chadwick Ciocci of real estate firm Chilton & Chadwick, who was interested in getting exposure for one of his properties, which just happens to be an ACTUAL ISLAND.  

Via the property listing:

Petra Island is an 11 acre, heart-shaped private island with a Frank Lloyd Wright designed main home (the Massaro House) as well as a guest house, an additional guest house, tea house, and dock. It has a helipad on the roof and room for a pool, tennis court and whatever else you might wish to build.

Not only did we re-write the episode with the island as its central character, but we collectively took thousands of photos, hundreds of boomerangs, and flew a drone over the Lake Mahopac for an establishing shot.

Ask for exposure and exposure you shall receive.*


*Seriously, ask us. We will expose literally anything, in exchange for a generous donation.