The Trump Years: An Introduction


Our first episode of the season dropped on November 7th, 2016.

Like a firey Trump tweet from 2011, the irony did not age well.

Factions of bros emerged victorious that day, forcing us to turn our satirical comedy into something of a documentary about the crisis of masculinity of The Trump Years.

Admittedly, this production blog is a posthumous account of the making of season two, and while we could pretend to have kept it in real time, many of our quippy anecdotes have since been tainted by the Orwellian bizarreness of Trump's America:

Its real purpose is to serve as a repository for all the content we created over the last eighteen months, because we made some funny television, and we had fun doing it. So long as men keep acting like neanderthals, we hope to keep making more.

We love you, bro.